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Pre-production. Measure twice, cut once. When you’re working on an important project, there is no substitute for good planning. We offer a wide array of pre-production services that will hone your message and keep your project on the right course.

  • Creative Consulting
  • Production Coordination
  • Audio/Lighting plots
  • Cable path determination
  • Power draw calculations

Broadcast/Webcast Video Solutions

A Broadcast or Webcast is a means to deliver content to an audience who is not present in real time.  Our standard Broadcast/Webcast services include multiple HD camera, creative HD graphics creation (lower thirds, slides, other content), and multi channel audio mixing.

Additionally, our fiber optic-based solutions allow us to deploy video feeds over incredibly long distances, with very unobtrusive cabling.

  • HD camera and content switching
  • Extensive Fiber Optic solutions
  • Separate Multichannel audio mixing
  • Delivery to television or web in real time

Live Event Video Production

Today’s consumer can produce high quality videos for an extremely low cost.  Many households have quality HD video cameras and many computer systems come with a free video editing software.

Then what is the value of a professional video company?  The answer is –  it depends.  Perhaps the ‘home movie’ look does not meet your minimum level of acceptance.  Or, perhaps, you do not have time to plunk around software, figuring out how to do what it is you want to do.

We specifically specialize in live event video production, where three or more cameras angles are used for the purpose of recording a DVD/BluRay, or delivering the content to web.

  • Multiple HD camera video
  • Multi-track audio
  • Same-day DVD production and duplication

Live Audio/Lighting Production

By and by, most of us do not notice the incredible wealth of sounds surrounding us at any given moment. Sound, whether wanted or unwanted, is present all of the time. Therefore, to provide an audio service is more than just capturing audio, reproducing audio, or reinforcing audio. It is all about how audio is manipulated in a given situation.

We manipulate audio in several ways. Utilizing techniques for most effectively capturing, reproducing, and reinforcing audio, we ensure you’ll hear everything crystal clear at your next live event.

Lighting can also enhance your show.  We generally take simple lighting productions to the next level in order to engage and impress your audience.

  • Concert level sound
  • Theatrical sound
  • On-location multi-track recording
  • Editing and mix down
  • Intelligent fixtures
  • Conventional fixtures
  • Special FX
  • Synchronized Audio/Video/Lighting
  • Projection Mapping