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Crazy for You!

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We were honored to return to Hershey High School to provide rental fixtures and lighting design services for their spring production of ‘Crazy for You’ in association with Triforce Pro Audio (  The show ran February 26th-February 28th, 2015.

We loaded in our LED moving head wash lights, as well as a star drop curtain, a ground fogger, high-bright spotlights, and more!  All programming was performed on the school’s own ETC Ion console, and the shows were actually operated by students.

This year, due to the school’s investment in more conventional lighting fixtures, we were able to start making basic use of gel filters, which helped us to create more natural lighting for each scene, rather than just having the harsh standard ‘white’ light.  As the school continues to make their upgrades on both their fixtures and dimming system, we will be able to help them grow by creating more variety with both gels, and even gobos.

We look forward to working with the school again next year, and certainly hope to see you there!